The boring but important stuff.



Once GGC. provides a quote, the quote is applicable for a period of two (2) weeks.  Following the two (2) week period, the quote will be deemed to have expired and will need to be renewed.  The quote is then subject to change.



GGC will reserve your booking for a period of two (2) weeks after the date of which you advise GGC. of your proposed booking date.  GGC. will provide you with a tax invoice which will include the deposit payable and the remaining amount thereafter.  Your booking is officially confirmed as at the date GGC. receives your deposit.  If GGC. has not received your deposit after the two (2) week period your booking will lapse.



A  deposit of $100 is payable on all bookings within fourteen (14) days of the date of the invoice.  The remaining payment is due 21 days prior to the date of the graze.   If the remaining amount is not paid a minimum 21 days before the catering date, GGC. may cancel your booking without notice.  If the booking is made within 21 days of the graze, full payment is required up front.



You may cancel your booking in writing to GGC. up to 21 days before the catering date and 50% of your deposit will be returned.  After the 21 day period, your deposit and any remaining amount of the total invoice you have paid to GGC. may not be returned.



GGC. will provide the following (but not limited to) with every graze unless advised otherwise:

  • Platter boards

  • Condiment bowls

  • Platter trays

  • Cheese knives

  • Various other tablewares deemed suitable

GGC. requires a security bond of $100 (your invoice will reflect this).  It will be your responsibility to return all tableware items to GGC. within 48 hours after the graze.  Once the items have been returned non-damaged (except for general wear and tear) GGC. will return your $100 bond within the following 48 hours.  You are required to provide GGC. with your bank account details in order for this to occur.  GGC. reserves the right to withold your bond if the tableware is not returned or is returned damaged beyond repair.



These Terms and Conditions (Terms) form part of the Agreement between The Good Grazing Co. ABN 20303571849 (referred to as "GGC.") and the Client (referred to as "you" or "your") engaging The Good Grazing Co.'s services.  You accept our terms and conditions by paying your deposit and / or the balance of your invoice.